TREEFOLK, Pinklec Theatre Company, Čakovec, Republic Of Croatia (11+)

September 17, 2023

Program description:

Sunday, September 17th; 18.00 h; Cultural Centre Travno venue; 11+; 50 minutes; in Croatian


The first thing a child needs is care and attention. Only then does the need for storytelling arise. The need for storytelling remains until the end of one’s life. By telling stories, we
understanding one another, we learn, experience happiness, and endure unhappiness. Stories allow us to step outside of ourselves and look at our lives from another angle. One of those stories is the story about Treefolk, small creatures that live in trees. You surely haven not heard the story of Treefolk yet. One Son of one Father is also hearing it for the first time. That Son and that Father find themselves in one theatre, more precisely in the costume warehouse, or even more precisely – in the shelter.

The Father, just like the storyteller Scheherazade, tells the Son the story of Treefolk in order to distract him from the impending danger to their lives. Will the Father, like Scheherazade, succeed in his intention to save his Son with a story? Will the Father manage to distract the Son from the unimaginable state of war in which they find themselves? Will he be able to explain, even in such conditions, the importance of pacifism as opposed to violence? And is pacifism always the right choice?
Scheherazade managed to save lives with her storytelling, but she fought for it for one thousand and one nights and days, while our Father does not have that kind of time, he only has one short night, warm and scary.


Pinklec Theatre Company is a theatre for children and youth active since 1987 at the Čakovec Culture Centre. The founder and artistic director of the theatre is Romano Bogdan.

Pinklec Theatre Company creates plays for children and youth under 18 that dramatize everyday topics and a fairy-tale mythological world that today’s children desperately need. This enables them to find a peaceful corner of childhood in the layered, educational, and imaginative theatrical aesthetics, to develop creativity, imagination and public speaking skills and to acquire cultural habits.


Authors: Vanja Jovanović, Patrik Gregurec

Director: Vanja Jovanović

Dramaturge: Patrik Gregurec

Art design: Alena Pavlović

Light design: Vanja Jovanović

Music: Šimun Matišić

Cast: Karolina Horvat /Ena Jagec, Mario Jakšić, Davor Dokleja, Bruno Kontrec


September 17, 2023