THE PERFORMANCE*, Zagreb Youth Theatre College, Puppet Studio, Croatia (children and adults)

September 17, 2022
ZKM Theatre, Polanec venue

Program description:

Sunday, September 17th; ZKM Theatre, Polanec venue; 40 minutes; children and adults; in Croatian

Puppetry Studio at the ZeKaeM School

Members of the P2 group have been attending the puppet studio for about 7 years. In the process, they got to know different types of puppets and puppetry techniques and technologies. This year they dealt with guignol puppets and tried to show the development of guignol from a hand, a hand in a glove, a simple white ball on a hand, to a finished guignol puppet. As the climax of this puppetry technique, the participants of the oldest group E2 (students) created the basic characters for the famous Punch and Judy puppet play, which was inserted as a play within a play about a play.

Karel Čapek’s text How a theater play is created served as the dramaturgical framework of the entire story. In the shadow theater technique, important roles are presented behind the stage, without which there would be no theatrical performance. We tried to present the dynamics of the process of creating the play and at the end conclude as Karel Čapek also concluded: Everything is possible in the theater, it is a house of miracles.


According to the motives of K. Čapek How a theater play is created idea, puppet making, animation and acting are created Group P2: Maša Babić Herceg, Nora Ban, Gregor Bučević, Anja Džakula, Šimun Lončar, Nina Magzan, Lina Mlinarević, Ema Sorić, Katja Vojnović, Vito Volarić,  Philip Wittenberg

Puppet making, animation and acting, group E1: Nika Pribanić, Vedrana Iva Rimac

Scene: Robert Capan, Dean Mogušić, Domagoj Miloš

Lighting: Saša Bogojević, Jakov Rajković

Tone: Bruno Fretze

Artistic-educational guidance: Natalie Murat Dean


September 17, 2022
ZKM Theatre, Polanec venue