THE PAUL STREET BOYS, Mostar Puppet Theatre, Bosnia and Herzegovina (9+)

September 21, 2022
Zagreb Puppet Theatre

Program description:

Wednesday, September 21st; 18.00 h; Zagreb Puppet Theatre; 9+; 50 minutes; in Croatian

The Paul Street Boys is one of those books that is hard to forget, that reaches our hears and gets straight to the essence of humanity, celebrating the breadth of interpersonal relationships. This youth novel, telling the tale of a bold fight of ordinary boys from Paul Street for an ordinary playground that represented infinity and freedom for them, against a group of large boys in red shirts, is as relevant today as it was 113 years ago, in 1906, when it was written by Ferenc Molnár. His characters are alive, fully realised, worthy of detailed descriptions and rich inner lives. By choosing this material as the starting point for a theatre performance creates a certain sense of responsibility not to omit as much as one detail of this story about growing up, friendship and community. Each death causes us to grow up too fast, and the death of close friends, who lost their lives fighting for a piece of a playground, brings about the desire to become human in the truest sense. This play speaks to the importance of each person, each life and every single being, which can bring about change.


The Mostar Puppet Scene was founded in 1939 and the City Puppet Theatre was founded in 1952, the first professional institution for theatre and music for the children of Mostar and Herzegovina. At first, the performances were focuses solely on marionettes. Later, other puppetry techniques were introduced, and the theatre changed its name to Mostar Puppetry Theatre. In late 1980s, some of the most notable performances in the region were created in this theatre, such as the Golden Horn and Asagao. In 1993, during the Homeland War, the theatre held the premiere of the Grajko and Čupavko play by A. Marodič and L. Paljetak, directed by Luko Paljetak. That same year, the theatre changed its name to Mostar Puppet Theatre. These days, Mostar Puppet Theatre has experienced young and talented actors who are already playing lead roles. The theatre participated in numerous international festivals in France, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Czech Republic, in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Šibenik, Subotica, Rijeka, Kragujevac and Sarajevo.


Director: Tamara Kučinović;
Dramaturgical associate and assistant director: Matea Bublić
Set and puppet designers: Ivana Živković, Sheron Pimpi – Steiner
Composer: Petar Eldan
Light designer: Tamara Kučinović
Master of light: Arijan Knezović
Sound technician: Dario Šunjić
Cast: Jelena Kordić Kuret, Jadranka Popović Miljko, Marta Haubrich, Ružica Bošković, Anela Planinić, Ivan Nevjestić, Tibor Oreč


September 21, 2022
Zagreb Puppet Theatre