THE LAST DANCE OF BRIGITTE, Zero en Conducta, Spain (for adults)

September 17, 2022
Cultural Information Centre

Program description:

Saturday, September 17th; 21.00 h; Cultural Information Centre; for adults; 50 minutes; nonverbal

Brigitte is so old that her memories are in black and white, she is so old that if you ask her age, she will tell you many years and a few more. You know that the time has come, the exact moment when your last second becomes eternal and it no longer makes sense to accumulate more time. Before leaving, she will pack by filling her luggage with those memories that will keep her alive for the last time. Welcome to Brigitte’s last dance.


Zero en Conducta, Teatre del moviment is a project based in Barcelona and created in 2011 by José A. Puchades (Putxa) with the intention of exploring the expressive potential of different performing arts related to movement. After the 2012 premiere of Nymio, digital theatre that received three acting awards, Julieta Gascón joined Putxa, sharing in the direction, dramaturgy and acting. In 2014, they created Allegro ma non troppo, recognized with five international awards. In February 2016, they premièred The Last Dance of Brigitte at Ateneu Popular de Nou Barris in Barcelona. With this medium-format show, they won not only four awards (national and international) but also gained David Maqueda, who joined the company as assistant director, cowriter, designer and technical director. They premiered Trashhh!!!, a small-format proposal that won the award for best show in that category at FETEN 2018 and the best street show at the Haifa International Puppet Festival. In co-production with Teatre de l’Abast from Valencia they created ROB, premiered in April 2019 with great success. The mechanics of the soul (Eh man hé) is the company’s first big format indoor production and premiered in 2019 at the opening of the 30th Fira de Titelles de Lleida. The show was recognized with three awards, joined four months later by the award for best show at the prestigious Ostrava Biennale (Czech Republic). In addition, Elena Lalucat, Pino Steiner and Amok Cor, three new performers of the company, performed that day. In 2023, La Phazz, their most ambitious show with six performers and colossal staging, will tell us about the fears we invent and that haunt us.

Participation enabled with support of Acción Cultural Española.


Direction, dramaturgy and choreography: Julieta Gascón, Jose Puchades (Putxa)

Assistant Director: David Maqueda

Puppet maker: Miguel H, Agnes Costa, Amok Cor

Scenography: Angel Navarro, Kim Dutour

Technical direction and lighting design: David Maqueda

Costume design: Claudia Fascio, Agnes Costa

Music: Red Box Studio

Scratch and effects: Nil Fruitós, Mans O

Voiceover: Miquel Gallardo, Dora Cantero

Graphic design: Helena Carazo

Video: Marina Gallego, Manel Fernández

Supervision from hell: Pepe Otal, Lope de Alberdi

Cast: Jose Puchades (Putxa), Julieta Gascón


September 17, 2022
Cultural Information Centre