SONIA AND ALFREDO, Gioco Vita Theatre, Italia (6+)

September 21, 2022
Zagreb DanceCentre

Program description:

Wednesday, September 21st; 20.00 h; Zagreb Dance Centre; 6+; 50 minutes; in Italian with Croatian susbtitles

Who is that funny, strange bird? Where does he come from? He claims he’s called Alfredo and that he owns a little chair which he always carries around with him. That’s all we know about him. As for Sonia, we know that she lives alone in a house at the end of the woods and is reluctant to leave her little kingdom. Until, one day…

Sonia and Alfredo is a simple story about friendship and solidarity. It’s about what happens when we experience exclusion and solitude; about that comforting feeling when finding a home and a friend; about how we feel when we find the courage to face unknown situations for someone else’s sake. The story of Sonia and Alfredo is told through a few, essential words and puppets drawn simply but to great effect. Figures that on the white shadow theatre screen come to life thanks to the presence of two actors/animators and become characters that are able to represent, through clean gestures and touching simplicity, the great themes of life.


Teatro Gioco Vita was established in 1971 and was among the first Italian realities to be protagonist of the movement of theatrical animation. Teatro Gioco Vita gave its original contribution to the theatre for young people, through its animation, its distinct flair and its way of conceiving and living the theatre, the relationships, the research and the culture that characterized it from its very first experiences. Teatro Gioco Vita met the shadow theatre in the late seventies. Thanks to its work done with consistency and professionalism and also to the contribute of outside collaborators, it completed an experience, unique in its kind, that resulted in awards and prestigious collaborations everywhere in the world, with permanent theatres and lyric companies.

The Company, with its artistic manager Fabrizio Montecchi, is involved in the production of plays as well as in laboratory activities for schools and children. Teatro Gioco Vita combines its activity in Piacenza and the province (artistic and organizing direction of the Stagione di Prosa from the Teatro Municipale of Piacenza, organization of theatrical reviews and other cultural events, hospitality, workshops, and training) to an increasingly international dimension that led its shadow theatre shows to be performed in Europe, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, Israel, Senegal, Taiwan and Turkey.

Participation enabled in partnership with Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb, ATER Fondazione, Regione Emilia-Romagna Cultura d’Europa.


Based on the books by: Catherine Pineur
Theatrical adaptation: Enrica Carini, Fabrizio Montecchi
Direction and set design: Fabrizio Montecchi
Assistant director: Tiziano Ferrari
Shadow puppets: Nicoletta Garioni, Federica Ferrari (na temelju crteža Catherine Pineur / taken from Catherine Pineur’s drawings)
Music: Paolo Codognola
Costumes: Rosa Mariotti
Light design: Anna Adorno
Co-production: MAL – La Maison des Arts du Léman (Thonon-Évian-Publier)
Cast: Deniz Azhar Azari, Tiziano Ferrari

Photo: Serena Groppelli


September 21, 2022
Zagreb DanceCentre