SILENT MACBETH, La Fille du Laitier, Canada (for adults)

September 18, 2022
Travno Cultural Centre

Program description:

Sunday, September 18th; 20.00 h; Cultural Centre Travno venue; for adults; 60 minutes; non-verbal with some subtitles in English

A soldier loyal to his country encounters three witches on the battlefield that tell him he will be king. Now, Macbeth and his partner in crime, lady Macbeth, are on a bloody path of ambition, power, and betrayal.
Macbeth Muet completely deconstructs this Shakespeare Tragedy into a fast-paced, visceral theatre experience, using the body, objects as imagery, and a ton of fake blood. Entire scenes are reduced to a single look, as Shakespeare’s complex and beautiful poetry is rendered mute, and searing. And through it all, a couple is transformed irrevocably. Macbeth Muet presents a world so devoid of morality that human lives become as disposable as styrofoam cups. And the excess, the blood, the scraps, the waste, will all be left behind for future kings.

Hélène Bélanger and Jon Lachaln Stewart reinterpretation of Macbeth by William Shakespeare


La Fille du Laitier is a Montreal based theatre delivery service, bringing creative and innovative theatre to your doorstep with our mobile food truck which transforms into a mini theatre. Through this, we hope to democratize art, giving unsuspecting audiences, who might not normally go out to the theatre, their first taste of a live encounter.
Presenting for wildly diverse audiences in public outdoor spaces, we naturally veer towards the creation of highly visual plays, with an emphasis on physical theatre and collective creation at the centre of our process. With an open and deconstructive approach to tried and tested classics, and an intense spirit for the creation of new works, our company reclaims the right to madness, and the celebration of the imaginary. La Fille Du Laitier also presents our productions indoors in Canada and internationally.

PIF festival thanks the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for its financial support.


Cast: Marie-Hélène Bélanger, Jérémie Francoeur


September 18, 2022
Travno Cultural Centre