GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS, Maribor Puppet Theatre, Slovenia (5+)

September 18, 2022
Travno Cultural Centre

Program description:

Sunday, September 18th; 11.00 h; Cultural Centre Travno venue; 5+; 35 minutes; in Slovenian

Goldilocks is a curious girl admiring the world around her with open eyes. She sees a sunny morning in all its beauty and fullness: she notices clouds, admires butterflies and flowers, and does not fail to notice a jumping bunny. She runs after it, searching for it in the bushes, behind trees… and suddenly finds herself deep in the woods. As she looks between the trees, instead of the path leading to her home, she sees a house on a clearing. She goes in, unaware that it is a home to bears. In the house, she sees only three bowls of porridge, three chairs and three beds – of three different sizes. Goldilocks finds just the right chair, bowl and bed for her. She eats the porridge from the smallest bowl, accidentally breaks the smallest chair and then falls asleep peacefully in the smallest bed. The bears, of course, find her and … safely take her home.
This simple story helps the children to understand relationships and sizes, but at the same time poses many questions about daring curiosity and the boundaries of the intimate personal space of others.


Maribor Puppet Theatre was founded on 8 December 1973, through the merging of two amateur puppet theatres in the city. The beginnings of Maribor puppetry go as far back as the period between the two world wars. The 1974-1975 season is considered the first professional season of the newly founded puppet theatre. The mission of the Maribor Puppet Theatre is the production and post-production of puppet shows for all age groups in their own space, in Slovenia and around the world. The basic guideline in creating the theatre’s programme is the quality selection of texts, themes, and artistic collaborators. The responsibility towards the founder, the financiers (programmes and infrastructure) and the audience is reflected in ensuring accessibility, diversity and a development-oriented programme. In addition to its basic mission, the employees are committed to developing supporting content (cultural education in puppetry and puppetry heritage) and ensuring the infrastructure for artists in the city who do not have a space for their performances – contemporary dance, film culture, music, independent theatre.


Text adaptation: Silvan Omerzu, Saša Eržen
Director: Silvan Omerzu
Art design: Silvan Omerzu
Adaptation: Silvan Omerzu, Saša Eržen
Music: Vasko Atanasovski
Costume designers: Mojca Bernjak, Silvan Omerzu
Light designer: Miljenko Knezoci
Sound designer: Jure Auguštiner
Set design: Lucijan Jošt, Branko Caserman, Igor Vidovič
Puppet and stage element design: Silvan Omerzu, Žiga Lebar, Primož Mihevc, Nina Šabeder, Nikolas Erdelji
Cast: Barbara Jamšek, Vesna vončina, Gregor Prah, Jure Ivanušič

Photo: Boštjan Lah


September 18, 2022
Travno Cultural Centre