CINDERELLA, Zaches Theatre, Italian Republic (5+)

September 20, 2023

Program description:

Wednesday, September 20th; 19.00 h; Zagreb Puppet Theatre; 5+; 50 minutes; in English


From the ashes to the court, Cinderella is a heroine with a thousand faces, creator of her destiny.

There are more than three hundred versions of this story, and it is one of oldest ones in the world.

The scene, realistic and symbolic at the same time, is set around a grand fireplace full of smoke and soot: a bare and ashen space, full of coal, inhabited by magical beings, the Ashfolk, through which the story of Cinderella is recounted.

Cinderella by Zaches Theatre is more than a story about Prince Charming’s search, it is a fairy tale about a journey in which the difficult road to maturity passes through detachment from the past.

Using object theatre, dance, voice, original music, and puppetry, Zaches Theatre creates a whirlwind show full of invention, with a strong visual impact.

The manipulation becomes dance, and the dance evokes the ancient mysterious ritual under the fairytale’s ashes.


Zaches Teatro is an Italian theatre and dance company supported by the Tuscany Region and the Italian Ministry of Culture for its productions in visual and puppetry theatre. The theatre operates using a combination of different artistic languages: contemporary dance, the expressive means of puppet theatre, the use of the mask, voice experimentation, the relationship between plastic movements and original music composition.

With its shows, the theatre has travelled across Europe, Russia and Asia, receiving prizes and awards in Italy and abroad.

In recent years the theatre has investigated the imaginative universe of fairy tales, focusing on the oral tradition with the intention of going as far back in time as possible, discovering the details that have been gradually softened, forgotten or erased in more recent versions.

This research led to the Fairy Tale Trilogy that includes the plays Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella.

The participation supported by Italian Culture Institute in Zagreb.


Direction, dramaturgy, choreography: Luana Gramegna

Sets, lights, costumes, and puppets: Francesco Givone

Original music and soundscape: Stefano Ciardi

Dramaturgical collaboration: Daria Menchetti

Collaboration for sets, costumes, and puppets: Alessia Castellano

Costume design: Rachele Ceccotti

Cast: Gianluca Gabriele, Amalia Ruocco, Enrica Zampetti

Photo by: Massimiliano Mascagni


September 20, 2023