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Book promotion: THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL*, author Slobodanka Martan

September 14, 2023

Program description:

Publisher: Sri Sathya Sai International Organization in Croatia

Thursday; September 14th; Travno Cultural Centre; 18.30 h; for adults; in Croatian

Slobodanka Martan from Bjelovar, a Croatian language teacher, writes and directs puppet plays for children of all ages. In 2022, her second collection of plays – The Greatest Gift of All – was published by the Sri Sathya Sai International Organization in Croatia. Six plays in the collection bring to the forefront the topics of selfless love, acceptance of others, honesty and fairness, and helping the elderly, emphasising the importance of telling the truth, warning about the harmful nature of anger, and encouraging self-confidence.

Slobodanka Martan’s plays are both playful and cheerful, both serious and wise, both useful and precious. They remind the adults of the hidden treasures within them, while teaching the little ones, showing them the way, and telling them the secret about the Greatest Gift of All

Because of their important educational and aesthetic value, they are a true gift for anyone who works with children and for children: educators, pedagogues, teachers, librarians, heads of theatre and puppet groups, and parents.

                                                                             Tina Gatalica, editor

The book is presented by the author Slobodanka Martan and dr. sc. Vedrana Spaić-Vrkaš, its reviewer.



September 14, 2023