BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Branko Mihaljević Children Theatre and Joza Ivakić Theatre Vinkovci, Croatia (7+)

September 20, 2022
Cultural Centre Travno venuw

Program description:

Tuesday, September 20th; 11.00 h; Cultural Centre Travno venue; 7+; 55 minutes; in Croatian

Beauty and the Beast is a romantic and mysterious fairy tale for the whole family in which the power of love overcomes fear and prejudice. To date, this fairy tale had many different adaptations for film and stage. This performance is based on the dramatization of František Hrubín, which the creators fully adapted into a performance that’s enchantingly timeless and contemporary. The story caries a great metaphor of life. One’s real beauty does not lie in one’s appearance but in one’s heart. As all fairy tales go, the one in the wrong learns something and the good is rewarded.
The face of a beast, the heart of a man…
Deserted and empty…
And so it shall be until a girl comes along who would like
To become his wife…
The girl will save him and break the curse…

Petronela Dušová


Branko Mihaljević Children’s Theatre in Osijek began its work in 1950 as the Pioneer Theatre with plays performed by children who were amateur actors. Following a decision of the Osijek Municipality, the theatre gained professional status in 1958 and was named the Ognjen Prica Children’s Theatre, a name it retained until 1991. Since 2006, it has borne the name of a prominent Osijek musician Branko Mihaljević. Throughout its history, the Theatre’s repertoire contained notable works of Croatian and international authors produced by prominent directors and artists as puppetry and drama performances. They particularly cultivate their work with children. The Theatre and its performances participated in all relevant festivals in the country and abroad and the theatre received numerous awards and honours for its artistic achievements.


According to research, it is safe to say that the first information about theatre performances in Vinkovci dates to 1876, with 1917 being considered the beginning of the Vinkovci theatre tradition when the Amateur Theatre performed two one-act shows ­– Beggars by Iso Velikanović and Enchanted Wardrobe by Ferdo Ž. Miler. The theatre has been operational since then, with a short break during the Croatian War of Independence.  Over the years, the theatre had its ups and downs, changed owners, developed great and important performances by domestic and foreign authors, particularly valuable classic works of Slavonian writers, and it produced actors responsible for the development of theatre in Vinkovci, such as  Franjo Jelinek – Beli, as well as superb Croatian actors who got their start on the Vinkovci scene – Vanja Drach, Nada Subotić, Ivo Fici, Duško Gojić, Ivo Gregurević, Mato Ergović, Žarko Mijatović, Jasna Bašić, Vesna Tominac, Rade Šerbedžija and others. Starting in 2002, the theatre again had professional production. In 2007, during the mandate of the director of the theatre Ivica Zupković, the theatre turned professional with the adoption of the new Statute, and it aims to develop its own ensemble.


Based on the dramatization by František Hrubín

Dramatization: Hermína Motýlová, Petronela Dušová
Translation: Maja Lučić
Director: Petronela Dušová
Set and puppet design: Miroslav Duša
Assistant set designer: Lorna Kalazić Jelić
Costumes: Lorna Kalazić Jelić
Music: Ivica Murat
Stage movement: Maja Huber
Light design: Igor Elek
Video projection: Dražen Golubić
Assistant director: Aleksandra Colnarić
Cast: Areta Ćurkovć, Maja Lučić, Ivana Vukićević, Aleksandra Colnarić, Đorđe Dukić, Gordan Marijanović, Srđan Kovačević, Tena Milić Ljubić


September 20, 2022
Cultural Centre Travno venuw