CANCELED – instead of play BAMBI, you can watch the play ANIMAL STORIES by the same theatre at the same time at the same venue! BAMBI, Kragujevac Children Theatre, Serbia (7+)

September 22, 2022
Cultural Center Travno venue

Program description:

Thursday, September 22nd; 11.00 h; Cultural Centre Travno venue; 7+; 55 minutes; in Serbian

Deep in the forest on one spring day, two little eyes opened. Ever since they opened, they haven’t stopped wondering what they’re seeing: mum’s nose, grass, a tree, a mouse, a squirrel, a bird, leaves, stones, water, a skunk, a rabbit, Faline, deer antlers, a path, bushes and the most beautiful sight of all – a meadow! Actually, there is something else. Something tall. Something standing on two legs. Something that has nothing on its snout! Something with immense power. It is…

Bambi is the author’s adaptation of the lyrical novel written almost a century ago by Felix Salten, accompanied by live music performed using several percussions. The play is about a fawn growing up and getting to know the world. We follow it through its childhood, the joys and the difficulties of growing up. The fawn needs to learn to stand, walk, jump, run, play, search for food, be alone, sense danger. He never stops learning, the world will always remain a mystery to him, even after he grows up.


Founded in 2003, the Kragujevac Children’s Theatre is the youngest theatre of its kind in Serbia. Its repertoire honours national and world literary heritage through both puppetry and drama, intended for pre-school and school children, as well as youth.

Since its inception, the theatre has been located at the Trade Union House (Dom sindikata), it has 303 seats and a stage equipped with modern stage equipment.

On average, three premieres and around 170 programmes are performed annual on the stage of the Kragujevac Children’s Theatre, enjoyed by more than 20,000 visitors.

In addition to the production and performance of its own plays, the theatre has preserved the tradition of organising the Golden Spark International Puppet Theatre Festival attended by more and more leading international theatres with each passing year.

Thanks to the quality of the performances, as evidenced by the guest appearances at prestigious international festivals, as well as numerous awards won, the theatre gained a great reputation at home and abroad.


Concept: Jakub Maksymov po motivima istoimene bajke Felixa Saltena / Jakub Maksymov based on the fairy tale of the same name by Felix Salten
Director: Jakub Maksymov
Set and costume design: Olga Ziębińska
Puppet design and creation: Olga Ziębińska
Original music: Lazar Novkov
Graphic design: Dejan Petrović
Set construction: Mini Bees
Translation from Czech: Jan Zorbić
Photographer and videographer: Zoran Laki Lazarević
Cast: Miloš Milovanović, Darija Vulić, Sanja Matejić, Milomir Rakić, Vladimir Đoković, Ljubica Radomirović, Marko Đurić


September 22, 2022
Cultural Center Travno venue