CARTE BLANCHE, Michal Svironi, Israel (for adults)

Tuesday, September 20th; 20.00 h; Zagreb Dance Centre; for adults; 60 minutes; in English Michal Svironi combines art and theatre to create a colourful collage of separation. Using broad strokes of colour, she creates characters who have left their impression on her. They come to life in a macabre parade, filling the stage. Each figure […]

THE PUPPET CONCERT*, Malle-malle Theatre, Bulgaria (children and adults)

Sunday, September 18th; 19.00 h; Zrinjevac Music Pavilion; Tuesday, September 20th; 17.00 h; Mamutica plateau; Wednesday, September 21st; 11.00 h; Šetnica Slavoljuba Slave Striegla, Sisak; 2+; 35 minutes; non-verbal What is a puppet festival without a glorious spectacular outdoor show? Here comes The Puppet Concert by Malle-malle! Beautiful and gracious rod puppets will dance for your pleasure while […]

KITTY CAT PUPPET*, puppetry workshop (for children)

The workshop is intended for children of early elementary school age. The materials used are simple and can be found in every home (cardboard, scissors, glue). We introduce children to the world of puppet making, introduce them to the world of puppetry, encourage creativity and the desire to create. The animation of this simple puppet […]