THE WIZARD OF OZ, Rijeka City Puppet Theatre, Croatia (4+)

Monday, September 19th; 20.00 h; Zagreb Puppet Theatre; 4+; 50 minutes; in Croatian The world is huge, the universe is infinite, and man is just a speck of dust within it, but his soul is omnipotent. The good wizard and the evil witch, eternally in conflict, are both good and evil and their divine titanic […]

THE VISITOR, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Slovenia (5+)

Monday, September 19th; 18.00 h; Zagreb Dance Centre; 5+; 40 minutes; nonverbal The Visitor is a touching and subtle story about friendship, loneliness, fears, and monotony, written by the German author and illustrator Antje Damm. The story was translated by Tina Mahkota and published by Zala publishing house in 2015. In the same year, the […]

KITTY CAT PUPPET*, puppetry workshop (for the Travno Kindergarten children)

Puppetry workshop for children KITTY CAT PUPPET The workshop is intended for children of early elementary school age. The materials used are simple and can be found in every home (cardboard, scissors, glue). We introduce children to the world of puppet making, introduce them to the world of puppetry, encourage creativity and the desire to […]