SILENT MACBETH, La Fille du Laitier, Canada (for adults)

Sunday, September 18th; 20.00 h; Cultural Centre Travno venue; for adults; 60 minutes; non-verbal with some subtitles in English A soldier loyal to his country encounters three witches on the battlefield that tell him he will be king. Now, Macbeth and his partner in crime, lady Macbeth, are on a bloody path of ambition, power, […]

THE PUPPET CONCERT*, Malle-malle Theatre, Bulgaria (children and adults)

Sunday, September 18th; 19.00 h; Zrinjevac Music Pavilion; Tuesday, September 20th; 17.00 h; Mamutica plateau; Wednesday, September 21st; 11.00 h; Šetnica Slavoljuba Slave Striegla, Sisak; 2+; 35 minutes; non-verbal What is a puppet festival without a glorious spectacular outdoor show? Here comes The Puppet Concert by Malle-malle! Beautiful and gracious rod puppets will dance for […]

SCOOOOTCH!, Les Nouveaux Ballets du Nord-pas de Calais, France (2+)

Sunday, September 18th; 18.00 h; Zagreb Dance Centre; 2+; 35 minutes; nonverbal In a scenographic space that is architecturally constructed in real time, this performance honours an unusual material: adhesive tape. The three members of a feminist rock band, escaped from a potential totalitarian regime, build a new participative habitat on the stage of their […]

BALOG JOLLY CIRCUS*, Max Teatre, Croatia (for children and adults)

Sunday, September 18th; 17.00h; Zrinjevac Music Pavillion; Wednesday, September 21st; 18.30h; Plateau of the Mamutica building; for children and adults; 40 minutes; in Croatian The performance follows two clowns who perform in the circus, but in front of a smaller and smaller audience. Clowns are sad and thinking about what other profession to choose. In […]

CUP PUPPET*, puppetry workshop (for elderly)

Sunday, September 18th; 16.00 h; park in front of the Cultural Centre Travno; for elderly Following on the idea that puppetry is an artistic category and not an age one, puppet creation workshops for the elderly have been a staple of PIF for the last several years. The workshop grew from the desire to share […]

KITTY CAT PUPPET*, puppetry workshop (for children)

Puppetry workshop for children KITTY CAT PUPPET The workshop is intended for children of early elementary school age. The materials used are simple and can be found in every home (cardboard, scissors, glue). We introduce children to the world of puppet making, introduce them to the world of puppetry, encourage creativity and the desire to […]

GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS, Maribor Puppet Theatre, Slovenia (5+)

Sunday, September 18th; 11.00 h; Cultural Centre Travno venue; 5+; 35 minutes; in Slovenian Goldilocks is a curious girl admiring the world around her with open eyes. She sees a sunny morning in all its beauty and fullness: she notices clouds, admires butterflies and flowers, and does not fail to notice a jumping bunny. She […]