AWARD CEREMONY AND CLOSING CEREMONY OF THE 55th PIF, THE NEXT GENERATION: student’s performances, Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, Croatia, NEVERENDING STORY*, Nina Vidan, Laura Šalov (7+)

Thursday, September 22nd; 20.00 h; Travno Cultural Centre venue; 7+; 50 minutes; in Croatian NEVERENDING STORY The performance Neverending Story talks about the lack of imagination, how imagination is dying out today and if we let it, the world of imagination will die out too. With playfulness and humor, the performance takes us back to […]

CANCELED – instead of play BAMBI, you can watch the play ANIMAL STORIES by the same theatre at the same time at the same venue! BAMBI, Kragujevac Children Theatre, Serbia (7+)

Thursday, September 22nd; 11.00 h; Cultural Centre Travno venue; 7+; 55 minutes; in Serbian Deep in the forest on one spring day, two little eyes opened. Ever since they opened, they haven’t stopped wondering what they’re seeing: mum’s nose, grass, a tree, a mouse, a squirrel, a bird, leaves, stones, water, a skunk, a rabbit, […]

ANIMAL STORIES, Kragujevac Children’s Theatre, Serbia (3+)

Thursday, September 22nd; 11.00 h; Cultural Centre Travno venue; 3+; 35 minutes; in Serbian In ancient times, man lived in close contact with animals, some he tamed, others he hunted, or they hunted him. Therefore, it is understandable that animals also appear in the oldest stories we know. In many instructive narratives that have survived […]

KITTY CAT PUPPET*, puppetry workshop (for Potočnica Kindergarten Children)

Puppetry workshop for children KITTY CAT PUPPETThe workshop is intended for children of early elementary school age. The materials used are simple and can be found in every home (cardboard, scissors, glue). We introduce children to the world of puppet making, introduce them to the world of puppetry, encourage creativity and the desire to create. […]