Japan has reach tradition in puppetry. The part of it will be shown in vaudeville which is made up of sevaral separate etudes. The Umbrella Dance: Performed with an umbrella, this dance is accompanied by a folk song of the Akita Prefecture. The song presents the unique characteristics of the region in a humourous way. Sanbaso: In Japan, the Sanbaso dance usually opens a show. This dance is inspired by the work of the peasants, who cultivate the soil and sow the fields. It also expresses the desire to live peacefully and happily. The Sanbaso dance with Kuruma-ningyo puppets (puppets on wheels) is native to Hachioji city of the Tokyo area. PUK’s Kuruma-ningyo Dance: PUK has created a new version of the Hachioji’s Sanbaso so as to respond to modern theatrical needs. PUK’s new version has by now been adapted by puppet performers all over the world. Nankin-tama-sudare: A popular art form performed in streets or music halls. With a sudare (reed screen), the dancers represent the shape of a fishing rod, a fish, the Eiffel Tower, a halo, a weeping willow… Kappore: A comic dance based on a popular song. It was created around 1830, and, even nowadays, is still a sure-fire hit in variety halls.

      • Author and Designer: Taiji Kawajiri
      • Director and Producer: Haruhiko Ii
      • Composer: Katsutoshi Nagasawa
      • Stage Manager: Odachi Tetsuya
      • Audio Staff: Takeshi Kawana
      • Lighting Staff: Chikako Abe
      • Coordinator: Tamiko Onagi
      • Performers: Miwa Yamagoe, Ayako Ichihashi, Odachi Tetsuya

    PUK Puppet Theatre
    2-12-3, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku
    Tokyo 151-0053,Japan
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