FROZEN SONGS, Rijeka City Puppet Theatre, Croatia (6+)

    The play Frozen Songs was based on motifs from the fairytale Frozen Songs by Stepan Grigoryevich Pisakhov, a Russian writer and artist who managed to turn life in the colder regions of Russia into a fun, artistic, poetic book about life, filled with fairy tales and poignant figments which, more than anything, speak of the beauty of human life. In the kind of imaginary world in which juice is made out of falling stars, anything is possible. Thus, this play has decided to speak about the breaking down of language, temporal and spatial differences. They collapse into every single atom of friendship and love, which in its insane simplicity breaks down barriers even larger than those of language, those that come from a broken heart and lack of trust. Love and the persistent childlike imagination of a peculiar boy will capture the heart of a girl who thought she would never smile again, that it was impossible she would ever say anything to anyone again, let alone that she would sing.

      • Screenwriter and Director: Tamara Kučinović (based on the motifs in the Frozen Songs stories by Stepan Grigoryevich Pisakhov)
      • Dramaturgy Collaborator and Assistant Director: Nikša Eldan
      • Puppetand Set Designer and Puppet Engineer: Alena Pavlović
      • Lighting Designer: Deni Šesnić
      • Performers: Petra Šarac, Andrea Špindel, Damir Orlić, David Petrović i Tilen Kožamelj

    Gradsko kazalište lutaka Rijeka
    Blaža Polića 6, 51 000 Rijeka
    Republika Hrvatska
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