VANYA, Karlsson Haus Theatre, Russia (16+)

    Somewhere around us, far or near, a Dragon is bound to be living. Even if there is no Dragon, it has to be invented. If there's no Dragon, who should we fight, then? And why would we need the wonder heroes? And we obviously do need them! Otherwise, who could help us? Who will save us? Even if it is only a fairy tale! Vanya will, of course! From this story of Vanya's miraculous appearance, his fight against a rotten monster (a Dragon) and the way in which all his journeys came to an end, you will learn a bit more about an enigmatic Russian soul.

      • Director: Aleksei Leliavski
      • Artist: Aleksander Vakhrameev
      • Music: Leonid Pavlenok
      • Performer: Mikhail Shelomentsev

    Karlsson Haus Theatre
    191002 umb. Fontankiriv, 50, lit C
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
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