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  • Location:Cultural Center Travno, Božidara Magovca 17, Travno

    Puppetry workshop OUR STRANGE CREATURES,David Zuazola,Chile/Spain(for adults)

    The workshop is based mainly on developing the creativity of the participants, using waste products and materials which at first glance seem to be useless. For this, anything the participants find useful to develop their work can be used. It starts with the most basic, that is, all the ideas the participants bring with themselves. From this point onward, they begin to construct and develop different kinds of puppets and mechanisms which can be fantasy or human. As the student advances, we will discover together, according to their needs, which types of controls, articulations, mechanisms, materials and movements are the best for their puppets to come to life. This world we create is where the students have to bring their puppets to life and where they will learn their first dramatic actions, like a child who is born and learns how to live. From there on, we can create different realities that allow the game to go on.

      • Workshop Conductor: David Zuazola,puppeteer, Chile, Spain