• Date:
  • Location:Scene F22

    JONATHAN and THE BLUE TABLE, Golden Delicious Ensemble, Israel (10+)

    Two pieces of object theatre, served up on one table Jonathan Love, hate, vengeance and lust - all of them appear in a wild, cinematic saga, presented by apples, knives, and a chopping board. Jonathan, a green apple born to red parents, is haunted by his tragic past and driven by an appetite for revenge. He embarks on a journey, crossing seas and continents, only to find that the apple does not fall far from the tree. The Blue Table A scientific lecture given by a keen zoologist becomes a journey into the spectacular world of evolution. Through the usage of synthetic household objects, we are granted a rare glimpse into the intimate moments of animals’ lives in their natural habitat: plastic-bag swans, kitchen-towel snails and a school of teaspoon herring. We learn surprising facts about the mating habits of garden snails, and an answer to the question: Where do birds disappear to when the lake freezes over?

      • Authors and Performers: Inbal Yomtovian and Ari Teperberg
      • Photo by: Christian Koppel

    Golden Delicious Ensemble

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