Grigor Vitez is the founder of Croatian modern poetry for children, and his name is the most important annual award for Croatian authors for literary text and illustration for children.
Actor Franjo Đaković brings the knight's poetic world of childhood to the youngest through play, narration, playing, singing and using elements of kamishibai theater, a traditional Japanese traveling theater.
The small and adaptable form of this play allows it to be performed in a variety of spaces, from theaters, kindergartens, schools to streets and squares.

"Before the author team of this play, which we wanted to bring Vitez's verses to the stage, was not an easy task. The poetry is wonderful, but the kids on stage want a story and a play; a story that has a beginning, a plot and an unfolding.
We decided to play with the meaning of the poet’s last name. In our story, the main character is a boy Grigor who wants to become a knight. With a careful selection of songs, we tried to show the developmental stages of a child from infancy to adulthood. Each of the poems thus illustrates one step towards growing up, and between these poetic illustrations we follow the troubles and successes of a boy on his way to the goal. Poetic and prose merge into such a unique story as it must be. It would be nice to teach children until the opening of the quiet well in which the verse can resonate with the force of a bang closes, as poetry and prose of life are two names of the same secret. "

  • Director: Bojan Brajčić
  • Actor: Franjo Đaković
  • Verses: Grigor Vitez
  • Text and dramaturgy: Belmondo Miliša
  • Scenography, costume and illustrations: Tina Vukasović
  • Music: Bojan Brajčić
  • Lighting design: Lucijan Roki
  • Age: 4+
  • Duration: 40 minuta
  • Language: in Croatian


This puppet theatre opened on 8 March 1945 as the Puppet Theatre of the District Committee of the People’s Front of Central Dalmatia. In 1946, the theatre was renamed the Pioneer Puppet Theatre and it operated under the name until 1992, when it became the Split Puppet Theatre. In 1994, it was renamed the Split City Puppet Theatre, the name which it holds to date.

In 2008, the City Puppet Theatre founded the Croatian Dramatic Writing Festival for Children Mali Marulić. The purpose of the festival is to encourage dramatic writing for puppet theatre and children’s theatre and to motivate puppet and drama theatres for children to stage plays by contemporary Croatian dramatic writers. For that purpose, the festival holds a competition for the best dramatic text for puppet and children’s theatres.

Split puppeteers presented Croatian puppetry in Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Iran, Egypt, Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia and they have won numerous awards.

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