A well-known story about a resourceful cat, about how cunningly we can overcome the problems we face in life. In today’s world when children are served all the solutions this story helps to develop their imagination and resourcefulness. The story is interwoven with love and friendship, what is missing nowadays.

  • Dramatization: Leda Festini
  • Director: Zvonko Festini
  • Art equipment: Luči Vidanović
  • Production of scenography and puppets: Luči Vidanović
  • Music: Igor Karlić
  • Song text: Marija Leko
    Jadranka Popović Miljko - Mačak, Actor ll.
    Ivan Nevjestić - Ivan, Div, Actor l., Seljak l.,
    Tibor Oreč - Kralj, Actor lV., Seljak lll.
    Marta Haubrich - Princess, Actor lll., Peasant ll.
  • Director / Sound engineer: Dario Šunjić
  • Stage master: Zoran Antonijevic
  • Master of light: Arijan Knezović
  • Age: 3+
  • Duration: 40 min
  • Language: in Croatian


The Mostar Puppet Scene was founded in 1939 and the City Puppet Theatre was founded in 1952, the first professional institution for theatre and music for the children of Mostar and Herzegovina. At first, the performances were focuses solely on marionettes. Later, other puppetry techniques were introduced, and the theatre changed its name to Mostar Puppetry Theatre. In late 1980s, some of the most notable performances in the region were created in this theatre, such as the Golden Horn and Asagao. In 1993, during the Homeland War, the theatre held the premiere of the Grajko and Čupavko play by A. Marodič and L. Paljetak, directed by Luko Paljetak. That same year, the theatre changed its name to Mostar Puppet Theatre. These days, Mostar Puppet Theatre has experienced young and talented actors who are already playing lead roles. The theatre participated in numerous international festivals in France, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Czech Republic, in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Šibenik, Subotica, Rijeka, Kragujevac and Sarajevo.

Lutkarsko kazalište Mostar
Trg hrvatskih velikana bb,
88000 Mostar
Bosna i Hercegovina / Bosnia and Herzegovina
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