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Book promotion: PUPPETRY LABORATORY, Vahid Duraković

Publisher: the Museum of Literature and Performing Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vahid Duraković's book Puppetry Laboratory – 1979-1989 Yugoslav Puppetry Biennale in Bugojno can be seen as a cultural significance, a historical and specialist study of puppetry in Yugoslavia in the 1980s. The focus of the book Puppetry Laboratory is on the analysis of puppetry art through theatre studies. Along with all of the plays performed at all six Biennales, the author focuses on professionally examining the artistic and theatrically relevant achievements in puppetry, on the creative driving force borne out of a festival conceptualised in such a way, on the creative potency of artists (writers, directors, visual artists and actors) and on the overall contribution of this puppetry laboratory to the artistic reputation of Yugoslav puppetry theatres.