Do you know Palko? If not, we are sure you will want to meet him. Palko is a very curious boy who loves exploring the world riding on his favourite scooter. He has a rich imagination, which he develops by reading a lot of books. He is very similar to his peers – cheerful, helpful, friendly. Except for one thing – he is a little bit clumsy...

Will he find true friendship? To find out, come and see the play Palko. Enjoy the intimate performance about learning tolerance and acceptance, for the youngest viewers.

  • Written by: Katylin Szegedi 
  • Directed by: Kata Csato 
  • Stage design: Matravolgyi Akos 
  • Music: Krzysztof Dzierma
  • Cast: Grazyna Kozlowska, Agnieszka Sobolewska, Iwona Szczgsna, Jacek Doilidko
  • Dob: 2+
  • Trajanje: 40 min
  • Jezik: in Polish


65 years ago, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage granted a subsidy and gave Świerszcz Theatre in Bialystok the status of a professional theatre scene. It was the coronation of the decades-long work of puppeteers-amateurs who, under the leadership of Piotr Sawicki, laid the grounds for the puppetry movement in Bialystok.

Today, Bialystok Puppet Theatre can be called a theatre to the fullest extent. With three scenes and excellent technical and organizational facilities, it not only produces performances, but is also active in the field of theatre culture popularization as well as theatre education. In recent decades, the theatre has organized many national and international puppet festivals, among them the Solo Puppeteers Festival, the Puppet Theatre Meetings and one-of-a-kind festival of puppet theatre for adults Puppet’s Metamorphoses. Jacek Malinowski – director, playwright, professor at the Puppet Theatre Art Department in Bialystok, a part of the Warsaw Theatre Academy, has been the theatre’s artistic and administrative director since 2012. Thanks to the Bialystok Puppet Theatre and the Puppet Theatre Art Department, Bialystok has become the Puppeteers’ Mecca and it was officially awarded the title of a City Promoting Puppetry through the membership in the AVIAMA International Association of Puppet-Friendly Cities.

Bialystok Puppet Theatre is open to international cooperation, theatre residencies for young artists, study projects and workshop meetings.

Białostocki Teatr Lalek
Kalinowskiego 1 Str., 15-875 Białystok
Polska / Poland
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