The play was based on the motifs of the children’s novel Momo by the German author Michael Ende which engages with the subject of time in an interesting way.

The group tried to find a way to translate this long children’s novel into the medium of a puppet. We moved in different directions: from dramatic improvisions on the topic of time to developing different puppetry forms to emphasize the essence of the novel. In the process, the theatre of objects stood out, used to evoke the special relationship between people and things / objects through the prism of time – aging, obsolescence, maturing…

As usual, the students participated in all stages of the creative process: from creating puppets, developing the story, connecting all of the parts into a whole to, finally, animating all of the puppets appearing in the play.

Puppets and set design: studentska grupa Lutkarskog studija Učilišta ZeKaeM-a / the student group of the Puppetry Studio at the ZeKaeM

  • Puppets and set design: polaznici grupe P5 Lutkarskog studija Učilišta ZeKaeM-a, uzrast 7. i 8. razred / students of the P5 group of the Puppetry Studio at the ZeKaeM School, 7th and 8th grade
  • Artistic-educational guidance: Natalie Murat Dean
  • Lighting: Saša Bogojević
  • Sound: Miroslav Piškulić
  • Cast: Jakov Bandić, Greta Ciglenečki, Vilim Cvitanović, Eli Eterović, Mihaela Jakubec, Maša Krapljanov, Livia Mirković, Mihael Palatinuš, Anja Pavić, Lara Škaler
  • The Great Puppet voice: Matija di Giorgio
  • Cast: Leonora Brajković, Hanna Jovanov, Klara Jovanov, Tea Toplak, Nika Pribanić, Vedrana Iva Rimac, Filip Siretz, Lucija Katarina Šešelj, Hana Šimunić, Iva Toplak, Korina Vekić
  • Age: children and adults
  • Duration: 25 min
  • Language: in Croatian