An adventurous story about a journey towards The Tooth of Time in the form of puppet cinema.

You can see the result of their work every day, but you haven’t had the chance to see them until today. Who are they? Chrono-dwarves – servants of the Tooth of Time. They damage computers, bleach clothes, erase road markings. To put it briefly, everything in this world is getting older thanks to them. Chrono-dwarves are taught at school that, in doing so, they carry out their duties to mankind. During a school trip into the human world, one of them climbs onto one young lady’s dress keen to make it dirty with chocolate. And how does she react? She bursts into tears. The world of this little dwarf is turned upside-down in a second. The Tooth of Time does not exist, and even if it does, it has to be destroyed! An adventurous and philosophical story about revolt against authority, broken friendship and a grand journey towards deeper wisdom told in the form of puppet cinema

The performance is based on the book Překlep a Škraloup written by Tomáš Končinský and Barbora Klárová

  • Adaptation, directed by: Jakub Maksymov
  • Set design, puppets and costumes: Olga Ziębińska
  • Music: Lazar Novkov
  • Author of the text of the song Chrono-numero: Petr Váša
  • Dramaturgy: Peter Galdík
  • Camera: Jakub Ťapucha
  • Photographs: Juraj Starovecký
  • Cast: Michal Adam, Miriam Kalinková, Róbert Laurinec, Ľubomír Piktor
  • Dob: 7+
  • Trajanje: 60 minuta
  • Jezik izvođenja: na slovačkom


The Bratislava Puppet Theatre is a place of great importance, which not only entertains, provokes and inspires its spectators, but also encourages their spiritual development with theatrical and artistic methods. It was created in 1957 as the first state self-governing puppet theatre in Slovakia and it won several prizes at festivals in Slovakia, as well as abroad. In our repertoire, we have productions aimed at children, as well as at youth, performative projects for adults and projects which were created to be performed in elementary schools.

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