In this puppet dramatization of one of Hans Christian Andersen’s most famous fairy tales, we will meet a small creature named Thumbelina who, regardless of her size, does great things. Despite the many obstacles on her journey, which serves as a metaphor for growing up, the tiny and fragile Thumbelina shows great perseverance, determination and courage, without sparing herself in that part of life that calls on our empathy – helping others.

On the road to finding her world and someone similar to her, Thumbelina successfully overcomes the first fears of being separated from her loved ones, but she also overcomes the influences of others around her, who she does not allow to stop her in her search.

That journey, the search for inner satisfaction, is at the core of this performance. With Thumbelina, we will experience her adventures, dream and fight for freedom, grow up and realise that it is possible to be vulnerable and alone, and still remain brave and true to ourselves.

The optimistic vision of the world which Thumbelina finally recognises as her own serves as encouragement to our little audience members and tells them to always choose kindness, empathy, courage, determination and their own freedom when growing up.

Based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen

  • Director and Dramaturge: Branimir Rakić
  • Puppet and set design: Luka Duplančić
  • Composer: Joško Koludrović
  • Puppet technology: Nenad Keč
  • Cast: Andrea Majica, Ivan Medić, Milana Buzolić-Vučica
  • Also participating in the performance: Željana Cvitanović, Zdravko Radovniković
  • Age: 3+
  • Duration: 40 minuta
  • Language: in Croatian


This puppet theatre opened on 8 March 1945 as the Puppet Theatre of the District Committee of the People’s Front of Central Dalmatia. In 1946, the theatre was renamed the Pioneer Puppet Theatre and it operated under the name until 1992, when it became the Split Puppet Theatre. In 1994, it was renamed the Split City Puppet Theatre, the name which it holds to date.

In 2008, the City Puppet Theatre founded the Croatian Dramatic Writing Festival for Children Mali Marulić. The purpose of the festival is to encourage dramatic writing for puppet theatre and children’s theatre and to motivate puppet and drama theatres for children to stage plays by contemporary Croatian dramatic writers. For that purpose, the festival holds a competition for the best dramatic text for puppet and children’s theatres.

Split puppeteers presented Croatian puppetry in Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Iran, Egypt, Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia and they have won numerous awards.

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Tončićeva 1.
21 000 Split
Hrvatska / Croatia
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