The play is based on the motifs from the short stories by the Swiss author Peter Bichsel, which the young puppeteers tried to translate into the medium of a puppet. The peculiar characters from Bichsel’s stories inspired the students to create their own puppets, which they placed in their confined space and attempted to devise possible relationships between them.

The dramaturgical link between all of the stories became Bichsel’s story Storeys which envisages a house/building as the subject of the story and, thus, brings Bichsel’s way of seeing the world closer to the puppetry perspective familiar to us, where the object of the story on set takes on the main role in the story.

  • Puppets and set design: studentska grupa Lutkarskog studija Učilišta ZeKaeM-a / the student group of the Puppetry Studio at the ZeKaeM
  • Assistance in set design:  Miljenko Sekulić, dugogodišnji suradnik / Miljenko Sekulić, long-time associate
  • Artistic-educational guidance: Natalie Murat Dean
  • Voice recording: Marija Farčić, Matija di Giorgio
  • Lighting: Milan Kovačević
  • The Great Puppet animation: Filip Siretz
  • The Great Puppet voice: Matija di Giorgio
  • Cast: Leonora Brajković, Hanna Jovanov, Klara Jovanov, Tea Toplak, Nika Pribanić, Vedrana Iva Rimac, Filip Siretz, Lucija Katarina Šešelj, Hana Šimunić, Iva Toplak, Korina Vekić
  • Age: children and adults
  • Duration: 40 min
  • Language: in Croatian

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