Shattered childhood is the finally puppetry exam in the third year of the undergraduate Acting and Puppetry study programme of the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek. This emotional story about war and the horrors it brings was based on the motifs of the book We Too Experienced War, a collection of children’s essays, stories, letters and desires, all written during the Homeland War in Slavonski Brod. At the heart of the story are a brother and sister Karlo and Marija, who, after more than twenty years, return to the cellar of their family home where they spent the hardest days of the devastation of their home town. In a cellar full of memories, they reminisce about both the awful and beautiful moments that marked their young lives.

  • Authors and performers: Vanja Čiča, Lorenco Tolić, Andrija Krištof, Marijin Kuzmičić
  • Menthors: izv. prof. artD Maja Lučić, doc. art Tamara Kučinović
  • Age: 12+
  • Duration: 65 min
  • Language: in Croatian



The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek is the only artistic-teaching organisational unit of the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek. It started operating independently in the academic year 2004/2005 as the Academy of Arts in Osijek. Today, it has six departments. There are several undergraduate university study programmes, including Acting and Puppetry, and Theatre, Film and Television Design (which includes puppet design and technology). The Academy of Arts and Culture has the only puppetry programme in Croatia (and neighbouring countries). At the Department of Theatre Arts, as part of the Acting and Puppetry study programme, students study both dramatic acting and puppetry and acquire a bachelor's degree in acting and puppetry. Graduate university programmes include the Puppetry Animation study programme and the entirely new Puppetry Directing study programme. The Academy contributes to Osijek’s cultural and artistic life by organising numerous events such as the Dioniz festival and Lutkokaz (an international puppetry revue – a meeting of puppetry academies and small puppet theatres). Acting and puppetry students successfully toured their puppet performances at festivals in the country and abroad (Slovakia, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and Italy). They are regular guests at PIF where they showcase their undergraduate and graduate exam productions, new approaches to puppetry and innovations in stage performance. The performance Rainbow, created as a graduation exam, won four awards at the 48th PIF.

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