Opening of the exhibition: THE SKETCH. THE STORY., Puppets Occupy Street Festival, Romania*


Opening of the exhibition: THE SKETCH. THE STORY., Puppets Occupy Street Festival, Romania (for children and adults)

The sketch. The story. is an exhibition that tells the story of the seven editions of Puppets Occupy Street Festival, Craiova, Romania.
Scenographer Oana Micu created the visual identity of Puppets Occupy Street Festival. The exhibited sketches outline the festival themes, but also the oversized puppets and floats that are part of the festival’s parades.
During the eight days of the festival, artists from Romania, such as Daniela Bălan, Mădălina Niculae, Ligia Bocioacă, Mariana Pachis and Bogdan Țigan, capture the magic of the festival and the city of Craiova in drawings and paintings.
The sketches and photos are from the Puppets Occupy Street Festival. The sketches represent the giant puppets made for the festival parades and the parade float. There are also a series of art sketches made by artists who visited the festival and a series of photos from the festival.

The exhibition remains open until September 23rd, and can be viewed on weekdays from 12:00 to 20:00 (break from 15:00 to 16:00).



Puppets Ocuppy Streets Festival began in 2014, when the puppets took over the streets of Craiova and spread the passion for art animation. Since then, for eight days every year, the local community vibes together with private theatre companies and independent artists from all over the world. The festival is organized by the Colibri Theatre and financed by Craiova City Hall and Craiova City Council.

It is the first art animation festival from Romania which takes place exclusively in unconventional spaces, created for the community. The festival includes events like: performances, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, video projection, video mapping, visual arts, fine arts, street animation, etc., taking place in different city spaces.

It is an uncompetitive festival, for all types of audiences and the events are free. At the centre of the festival are the two parades with oversized puppets and allegorical floats. The festival takes place in Craiova, the sixth largest Romanian city with almost 300.000 residents, situated in south-west Romania. Craiova is a city of culture, with the biggest natural park in Eastern Europe, Nicolae Romanescu Park.
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