A wacky and imaginative story about Darko’s wiggly thumbs told through an even more wacky form of body puppetry and body percussion.

The play based on the text of the illustrated short story by Silvija Šesto – Thumb Sim, Thumb Tam – is performed by the actor not only with words, but also by various other means of narration, of which the use of rhythm and the technique of body percussions dominate. It is a story about the thumbs of a boy named Darko, which often fought throughout his childhood, dividing the boy into two. Tolerance, diversity, the need to unite, overcoming personal turmoil, friendship and togetherness are just some of the topics dealt with in this layered text.

The aim of this play is to introduce children to ways of playing without toys or screens. Ways that arise from the most basic tools for playing – arms, legs, face, body and voice. The goal is to encourage children to experiment and explore everything that such a way of playing offers them.

  • Text: Silvija Šesto
  • Director: Davor Dokleja
  • Dramatization: Igor Baksa
  • Music and rhythm: Nikola Švenda
  • Actor: Igor Baksa
  • Duration: 35 min
  • Age: 3+ 
  • Language: in Croatian


Little Theatre is an independent theatre from Zagreb that brings a positive, cheerful, comedic and playful worldview to audiences across Croatia and the region. As its name suggests, small forms are at the centre of Little Theatre ­– monodramas and plays for two to three actors. Performances for children and performances for adults are the two main categories of our programme and we have also started producing online content for children and adults during the pandemic. The founders of Little Theatre are Igor Baksa and Marta Cerovečki, independent actors who have been professional theatre actors for years.

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