A clown performance without clowns, with Goethe, Mozart and Shakespeare.

In this performance, we will witness the collision of the dreams and hopes of a nervous actress, an overworked theatre technician and a frustrated theatre pianist.

A dreamy play without dreams... And perhaps the clowns will appear at the end. The stage was designed by a Slovak artist Vlado Kral. He is known for his animation films and the abstract colour design of his stage works.  Ari Mog, a piano player and a composer of Italian origins, has a way of conveying the emotions of clown theatre in a striking atmosphere of sound images.

  • Music: Ari Mog
  • Director: Martina Veh
  • Text: ensemble, William Shakespeare, Johann Wolfgang von, Goethe, Lorenzo da Ponte
  • Stage design: Vlado Král
  • Cast: Zuzana, Robert Erby
  • Duration: 45 min
  • Age: 5+ 
  • Language: in German, English and Croatian


In 2007, two companies in Munich, the Erbytheater and the Theatre Continental, got together and founded the Fraunhofer Children’s Theatre. Erbytheater was founded by Zuzana and Robert Erby, two Slovakian puppeteers and performers. Theatre Continental was the company of the German-Italian performer and director Renate Gross. Together they created a company with many different and international influences, based in Munich. In all of their productions, they experiment with different theatre languages: object theatre, video and shadow plays, storytelling performance and clown shows. They like to tell stories or, sometimes, just show a stream of consciousness. They try to concentrate their research on new aesthetics in theatre languages. Since their first performance The Journey of a Cloud (2007), they developed 15 other theatre productions for a young audience from the age of 2 to 10. Fraunhofer Children’s Theatre performs in schools and kindergartens, and on stages in Munich, they travel through Germany and are invited to many European theatre festivals.

Kindertheater Fraunhofer
Fraunhofer str. 21 RG, D-80469 München
Njemačka / Germany
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