GET TO KNOW: Ignacio Larios Nieves - puppeteer, actor and director, Mexico

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Puppets are living all over the world. Every country has its own traditions, and puppets hold a significant role in the heritage of many different places.

Jalisco is one of the 32 states which comprise the Federal Entities of Mexico. There, in the capital Guadalajara, exists La Cucaracha Puppet Theatre (La Cucaracha Teatro de Títeres). Before more than 40 years Ignacio Larios Nieves, better known as Nacho Cucaracho, decided to become a puppeteer in 1979 and dedicate himself to rescuing and preserving the national culture through the art of puppets.

To achieve this goal, he, his wife, and their five children founded La Cucaracha Puppet Theatre in 1995. 

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They have presented various works, many of them to rescue the oral tradition, and the other related to current problems of increasing equity and equal opportunities for cultural development, based on the preservation and dissemination of heritage. They go mainly to indigenous communities and vulnerable areas of Guadalajara, Jalisco, where Nacho is from. They are practically the only company that works with the Wixárika communities in the north of the state, trying to bring stories from the same region or from other cultures in the country.

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With the performance Tales of Oral Tradition and Ecology La Cucaracha Theatro de Titeres participated in a lot of festivals. The performance was the part of official program at 49th International Puppet Theatre Festival – PIF (2016).

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 In 2004 Nacho received UNIMA Award for his work on indigenous community and contribution to the puppet theatre in Latin America. He was one of the two Mexican representatives at the World Congress of the International Puppet Union (UNIMA) 2016 in Tolosa, Spain. 

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