Waykaru, a giant puppet on stilts, is a playful and extravagant character from another world. Although a little awkward with its long legs and large tail, Waykaru is very excited to discover the world around him. He enjoys interactions with people and is certainly very sociable and playful! From Waykaru's eyes, our world is very intriguing!

  • Master puppeter: Helijalder Capristano Flores
  • Technical support: Laetitia Bérubé Canniccioni
  • Za djecu i odrasle


Imagicario are giant puppet creators, a team based in Montreal, Quebec. They design, manufacture, and animate unusual characters. Their puppets are distinguished by their size, personality and originality. Their team is composed of members from Peru and Canada. The mission is to grow the art of puppetry and street theatre by innovating and entertaining in public places accessible to all. They awaken the curiosity of spectators with extravagant characters, transporting them for a moment in an imaginary world, mysterious, where anything is possible. Their performances and workshops are fun, inclusive and interactive.


781 Rue Bélanger #402

H2S 1G7, Montréal, QC


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