Frog is not well. His heart is beating too fast and he feels hot and cold. A trip to the doctor reveals that he is in love. But who is he in love with? This is both an old-fashioned love story, and also a subtle look at the issue of love between different cultures and races.

  • Text by: Max Velthuijs
  • Direction, dramaturge, adaptation: Ines Polanšćak i lutkarska skupina
  • Cast: Matko Pranjić, Gabrijela Tatar, Lukša Toni Šimunović, Greta Balen, Nika Balja, Mia Sorić i Franka Đerek 
  • Group leader : Ines Polanšćak


A monkey, a giraffe, a lion, a snake, a leopard and a panther go to a porcupine's birthday party. The monkey eats bananas - a birthday gift, and everyone gives kisses to the porcupine and concludes that friends are more important than gifts.

  • Text by: Nataša Lambevska
  • direction, dramaturge, adaptation: Nataša Lambevska, Matea Josić
  • Cast: Lea Budek, Iva Grašić, Jana Hrastović, Luka Cerovec, Lana Trupeljak, Hana Bogdanović, Ani Drožđan, Jakov Sedinić, Sara Subašić
  • Group leader: Nataša Lambevska


Average elementary school in an average Croatian city. One pupil was missing a hat. The pedagogue takes the case into her own hands and tries to find the culprit with the help of a few students. The background of intolerance between two pupils in love with the same girl is slowly being revealed…

  • Text by: Ita Tissauer Pavičić
  • Direction, dramaturge, adaptation: Natalija Stipetić Čus i Ita Tissauer Pavičić
  • Cast: Fran Ljubičić, Samuel Kišur Postružin, Kan Priselac Novačić, Veronika Glavaš, Katja Rončević, Ivan Badrov, Lovro Pištelek, Nikolina Salatović Jakobović, Petra Šimek, Lana Čukić
  • Group leaders: Natalija Stipetić Čus i Ita Tissauer Pavičić