So Long, a puppet show by the Pinklec Theatre Company, is a story about friendship. The warm retelling of the bonding and separation of the main characters, a lion and a little bird, depicts the key developmental stages in a child’s life – attachment and separation, and does so in a way that is understandable and cathartic for children. When a lion finds an injured little bird near his garden on an autumn day, he decides to help her. Since all of the other birds have already flown south, the lion invites the little bird to live with him and takes her home. The house is a carefully decorated and warm home in which we follow their everyday lives organised around day and evening rituals. We gradually witness the birth of a wonderful friendship. However, when other birds return from the far south in the spring, the bird leaves with the flock. What will happen to the lion and their friendship?

  • Direction: Romano Bogdan
  • Dramaturge: Tanja Novak
  • Set and puppet design: Lidija Matulin
  • Music: Bojan Miljančić
  • Lighting design: Neven Taradi
  • Sound mixer: Mario Zelenbaba
  • Lighting director: Neven Taradi
  • Cast: Karolina Horvat, Mario Jakšić, Davor Dokleja
  • 3+


Pinklec Theatre Company is a theatre for children and youth active since 1987 at the Čakovec Culture Centre. The founder and artistic director of the theatre is Romano Bogdan. Pinklec Theatre Company creates plays that dramatize everyday topics and a fairy-tale mythological world that today’s children desperately need. About themselves they said: We choose authors from Croatia and the world who, in their work, speak sincerely and courageously about the issues faced by children and youth. By insisting on directorial excellence, they fulfil the high artistic criteria that are especially important for a young audience. With their plays, they try to encourage a need for theatre in society, the same way that children have a need for warmth, gentleness, acceptance and communication. They strive to have every child remember a story from a theatre play that might help them shape their aesthetic as they grow up.” Pinklec Theatre Company hosts the Dada Drama Studio that educates and raises around a hundred children and young people in several dozen drama groups.

Kazališna družina Pinklec

Trg Republike 3

40000 Čakovec


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