The show Spinning a Tale is a contemporary adaptation of the classic fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty, presented through puppets, wool and motion. The plot is weaved out of the two actresses, their movements, and their skirts. During the show these skirts are transformed - from clothing articles to scenery, from mellowness to danger, and from danger to a deep, enchanting slumber. The show presents the journey of a princess, as she leaves her safe and calm home, to explore the exciting outside world. A prick of her finger by a knitting needle puts her into a deep sleep. How will she wake up? A mixture of puppet theatre and concert dance, the show is focused mainly on the visual aspects of the performing arts - movements, textures, forms and colours, and the ways these elements interact. The show participated in festivals both in Israel and around the world, including The First International Puppet Festival in Yangon, Myanmar, The International Puppet Festival in Jerusalem and the International Puppet Festival in Holon, Israel.

  • Creation and cast: Rina Pinchover, Hadas Tzadik
  • Direction: Yael Erlich Morag
  • Music: Ido Roth
  • 3+


Rina Pinchover, a theatre teacher and a director, actor and dancer. a graduate of B. Ed Honors program in The Department of Theater, Kibbutzim College, the Young Creators Program at The Train Theater, Jerusalem, and Hakvutzah school for movement and dance, Tel-Aviv. Hadas Tzadik, a graduate of the puppetry program in Bait-9 School of Puppetry and Wood-carving in Haifa and of the Young Creators Program at The Train Theater, Jerusalem. Hadas holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Theater Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is currently completing a B. Ed. from David Yellin College of Education. Artist and director. Yael Erlich Morag – Director and puppeteer, founder of Bait 9 School of Puppetry and Wood-carving, a drama therapy M.A.


Bait 9

Ha – namal 69, Haifa


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Participation on Festival supported by the Embassy of the State of Israel in Zagreb.