Animation, sound and images get to be the one and only in this new chapter of the project New visions for a young audience created by Teatro delle Briciole. In re-inventing the pop-up book for the stage, Pop Up, A Cartoon Fossil presents the little adventures of a paper child with an enigmatic sphere: a relationship through rhythm, colour and sound, its actual encounter, its mirror-image, its transformations. Colourful pop-up illustrations succeed one another during the show and are quite powerful in stimulating basic emotions and creating associations between feelings, forms, and colours. The many variations of the theme are a musical support for the sound effects and are also a splendid way to explore the imaginary world of young children. The adventures of the child and the small sphere generate some kind of symbolic game through geometry and metamorphosis that triggers some aspects of this imaginary world: fantasy, invitation, fear, and dream.

  • Project idea and creation: I Sacchi di Sabbia by Giovanni Guerrieri, Giulia Gallo in collaboration with Giulia Solano
  • Books by: Giulia Gallo
  • Light design: Emiliano Curà
  • Scenery: LabTdB P by Paolo Romanini
  • Cast: Beatrice Baruffini/ Francesca Ruggerini, Chiara Renzi / Serena Guardone


Teatro delle Briciole is an Italian theatre company that has radically transformed the image, the vocabulary and the concept of children’s theatre over the course of its forty-year history. Founded in 1976 and recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities as a Production Centre, the Teatro delle Briciole has in recent years implemented a progressive transformation of its identity. Following this line of development, the Teatro delle Briciole has promoted a decisive renewal in the language and content of theatre productions for the young generations, starting collaborations with leading artists with different experiences and paths. Productions made in Parma that run in Italy and abroad coexist with creations that are born for a specific initiative, such as a festival or a special project, or that address the community with particular attention.

Teatro Al Parco (Teatro delle Briciole)

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