NOONE'S LAND, Merlin Puppet Theatre, Greece/Germany (4+)

    The dream, the creativity, the power imagination has against reality, seen through the eyes of a scarecrow. A lonely creature, forever standing in the same place… with no horizon and no chance of escape from an environment that he has not chosen. The No one of our story is not that different from any one of us… or is he very different… He opens his eyes and discovers the world. He feels disappointed. Then he chooses to make it better. He holds it tightly, and then, everything begins all over again… No one’s Land is that little big piece that corresponds to every free man. It is his imaginary world that cannot be limited, sold or bought, can never be taken away, can never be conquered.

      • Conception: Merlin Puppet Theatre
      • Director: Dimitris Stamou
      • Puppet and Costume Design: Dimitris Stamou, Demy Papada
      • Set Design: Merlin Puppet Theatre
      • Composer: Konstantinos Stamou
      • Lighting Design: Merlin Puppet Theatre
      • Photos by: Merlin Puppet Theatre
      • Puppet Manipulation: Demy Papada, Dimitris Stamou Ομάδα Κουκλοθέατρου "Merlin"

    Merlin Puppet Theatre

    Hasenheide 9, Gewerbehof, Aufgang 2, 3. Og

    10967 Berlin,Germany

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