GAME OF TIME, David Zuazola, Chille/Spain (7+)

The Game of Time is a unique and vanguard work of puppets and mechanisms. It is not made up of random words. This is the first time the creator has gathered seven directors from seven different countries to direct seven tales, each one seven minutes long. In the end, the play only consists of one piece, with a surprising ending. Poland, Portugal, Taiwán, Greece, Spain, Colombia and India... The Game of Time is an international collaboration project in which different ideas and styles fit together and are united into something concrete: a play of animated forms represented by one actor-puppeteer: David Zuazola. The tales are mainly based on actions and music, having very little text. Due to this, they can be played around the world without a language barrier. Besides that, they are also created for all audiences, with no distinction. In the beginning, The Game of Time will seem to be a collection of individual stories, butlittle by little, as the show goes on, the puppeteer will start appearing on the scene, interacting with the audience and letting his presence be seen, with the intention of revealing an extraordinary ending, filled with significance.

        • Author and Performer: David Zuazola



      David Zuazola

      Callejon De La Paloma 1, Hoyo De Manzanares, Madrid,Espana

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