MY SOUL KNIT ME A LOVE SONG, Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, Croatia(16+)

    Every soul knits its own story. The threads of our life intertwine with others into a tight knot of love that cannot be disentangled. A true love which is always the same yet tangled in a different way for everybody. We run away from it, we get attached to it, we hide it, we untie it and tie it back again, we tear it, but we always stay fatefully wrapped in it. With this graduate play we wish to allow the threads of our souls to play like a lyre, and let our hearts sing songs about our loves – always the same, and yet so different. Graduate exam in Puppetry for sophomore students of the Acting and Puppetry study programme, part of the Graduate Study of Theatre at the Academy of Arts in Osijek.

      • Mentors: doc. art. Maja Lučić Vuković, doc. art. Tamara Kučinović
      • Course Associate: Katarina Arbanas, ass.
      • Cast: Matea Bublić, Matko Buvač, Andro Damiš, Anna Jurković, Maja Lučić Vuković, Tena Milić-Ljubić, Gordan Marijanović, Luka Stilinović
      • The authors and directors of the play are students and professors who have worked on the play/the aforemetioned.
      • It is a project authored by students and professors. The aforementioned are responsible for all of the elements of the play (set design, direction, music, light, dramaturgy...).

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