AMIKECO/FRIENDSHIP, Canicula Puppets, Guatemala (4+)

    Using one of the most singular tools in performing arts, puppets, Amikeco transports us to an enchanting and melancholic world and shows us the power of love and the value of earnest friendships. The name Amikeco is derived from Esperanto, the most widely used international language, created to harmonize the different peoples of the world. In this unique language, amikeco means friendship. In the same way Esperanto has aimed to create a common tongue, shared among all, Amikeco uses another universal language: music. Inherently limitless and unifying, music connects people regardless of the constraints of time and space. In Amikeco, words are not spoken. Music takes the lead in conveying plot, character and emotion. Accompanied by the show’s original music, the protagonist must overcome obstacles and trust in friendship in order to find what he has been searching for a long time. The viewers are invited to join in on his quest and rejoice in his findings.

      • Authors and Performers: Roberto Braham Chávez, Sergio Marroquin, Helene Josephides


    O Calle Diagonal 1-147.- zona 8

    Quetzaltenango,República De Guatemala

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