Puppetry workshop ORIGAMI PUPPETS

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    Puppetry workshop ORIGAMI PUPPETS,coordinator: Arsen Ćosić, Croatia (for children and adults)

    Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is being used for puppetry. Paper as a material close to children, scissors, the craftsmanship of folding and a lot of imagination are the most basic means of what is used in this workshop. In making this puppet, the rules are simple, and the freedom of creation is unlimited. It encourages the imagination of children by providing the ability to create their own puppet from the given materials. A puppet is a subject very close to a child, and one made by the child creates a dimension of closeness and attachment. This kind of puppet, with a little help from the elderly, can be made by children 4+.

      • The workshop conductor Arsen Ćosić,puppet maker,Croatia