PINOCCHIO, New Theatre, Slovakia (6+)

The play Pinocchio is a project authored by the exceptional performer, puppeteer, actor, director and scenographer Ivan Martinka. The play is not based on a literal interpretation of Pinocchio, as it was written by Collodi; instead it is a visual-musical-puppet association to the subject. In Martinka’s vision, the priority of the production was the question: „When does a regular being become human?” This question is explored through a perfect visual image that works with non-traditional theatre space, characters making costumes and the beauty and technical perfection of the puppets. In Martinka’s interpretation, it is a world in which there is a perfect harmony of entities who understand and support each other, but also negate each other. None of the parts of this world is dominant; they exist for the whole and without it, they are nothing. Thanks to this idea, Pinocchio's story is told by a collective storyteller, something like a stream of images and feelings of the human subconscious. Another quality of this play is its perfect synchronization and puppet mastery.

        • Librettist, Director, Scenographer, Costume and Puppets Designer: Ivan Martinka
        • Dramaturgist: Veronika Gabčíková
        • AssistantSetandCostumeDesigner: Markéta Plachá
        • Music: Martin Gaišberg
        • Light: Jakub Jánsky or Jozef Puškar or Šimon Spišák
        • Sound: Veronika Gabčíková
        • Production: Veronika Moravčíková
        • Performers: Ľuba Dušaničová, Filip Hajduk, Lucia Korená, Agáta Spišáková, Andrea Ballayová or Miloš Kusenda



      Nové Divadlo

      Dolnočermánska č. 1

      94901 Nitra,Slovenská Republika

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