FANTASIA, Zorin Dom Karlovac City Theatre, Croatia (6+)

    The puppet play Fantasia was created out of the desire to show that, in puppetry or marionette theatre, everything that a person can imagine is possible, if they dare to fantasize. In puppetry theatre, the actors are not limited by the laws of physics or the physical abilities of their own body, as is the case in drama theatre. Fantasy is without bounds, without frames – like children, and so it is possible to ascertain the reaches of human imagination, which, in this play, leads us to pirate ships, unusual sea creatures and legendary beings. We fantasize about circus artists, famous celebrities, faraway lands, of love, of the soul which knows neither name, nor space, nor the laws of real life. The play will uncover and share with the audience the way in which the art of puppetry uses its own means to create worlds, so space and time come to existence through light, shadow and music, and the illusion of life can be created with thread, wood and canvas. The story consists of five seemingly unrelated etudes: The Introduction, The Flying Dutchman, The Moment, The Example and The Dedication. Each of the etudes was devised by a different visual artist and the music was composed by a different musician. The play is meant for all those who are willing to fantasize, who want to create images regardless of their presence, who are willing to accept the challenge and to start a journey on a pirate ship, live the love of their life in one moment, fly on a trapeze or dance the can-can, for all those who are willing to allow the thin threads of their soul to quiver, led by the nimble fingers of Queen Fantasia, just as Walt Disney, to whom we dedicate this play, wanted to do in his film, Fantasia.

      • Authors: Giulio Settimo, Nino Pavleković, Katarina Arbanas, Nenad Pavlović, Vanja Gvozdić
      • Lighting Design: Robert Pavlić
      • Sound Engineer: Bojan Blažević
      • Stage Manager: Goran Glavač
      • Cast: Giulio Settimo, Nino Pavleković, Katarina Arbanas, Nenad Pavlović, Vanja Gvozdić, Katarina Strahinić, Goran Glavač

    Gradsko kazalište Zorin dom
    Domobranska 1,
    47000 Karlovac
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