JAPANESE TRADITIONAL PUPPETS ANIMATION WORKSHOP, coordinators: the actors from PUK Puppet Theatre, Japan (for adults)

    Kuruma-Ningyo puppetry is a style of puppet manipulation. What distinguishes kuruma ningyo from its predecessor is how the puppets are manipulated on stage. Kuruma is derived from rokuro-kuruma (a small seat with wheels), and ningyo means puppet, thus puppet on a cart. Large puppet is placed in front of a single puppeteer, dressed in black, who is seated on the wheeled vehicle. The use of this seat means that there is one puppeteer per puppet, unlike the three needed for bunraku puppet, and also allows movement of the puppet over the entire stage, rather than a limited horizontal plane. Participants will be able to manipulate Kuruma-Ningyo style puppets. Instructors will invite them onto the stage and teach them how to animate. Non-professional participants are welcome as well.

      • Workshop Conductors:Japan/PUK Puppet Theatre's actors, Japan
      • Duration: about 120 minutes
      • Language: English