WHITE CAMEL, Maribor Puppet Theatre, Slovenia (5+)

    A nomadic family in the Mongolian Desert is expecting the birth of camel calves. The youngest is the white camel, whom its mother, after a difficult birth, does not want to accept, does not want to feed and does not want to take care of. Theeight-year-oldboy Ugna, concerned about the survival of the white camel and hi sfamily, goes to the city to find a solution. He takes on responsibility, confronts his fears, tries to survive and hears Mother Nature’s gentle call for help. The Mongolian environment, a hard and unrelenting nature that dictates the lives of its inhabitants, tells us the story of respecting that which is greater than us, that which we cannot control, but we can co-existand, co-operate with. The play is created as a theatre of objects and it is a constantly evolving world, living things turn into non-living, people in to animals, the jute canvas into the endless blue Mongoliansky... The script is based on actual events which were documented in the film The Story of the Weeping Camel.

      • Direction and Screenwriting: Nika Bezeljak
      • Art and Set Design: Enej Gala
      • Costume Design: Mojca Bernjak
      • Music: Klemen Bračko
      • Proofreading: Metka Damjan
      • Lighting Design: Miljenko Knezoci
      • Sound Design: Andi Gal
      • Puppet Technology: Primož Mihevc, Mojca Bernjak
      • Stage Engineering: Enej Gala, Primož Mihevc, Mojca Bernjak, Darka Erdelji i/and Nina Šabeder
      • Performers: Barbara Jamšek i/and Miha Bezeljak

    Vojašniški trg 1a
    2000 Maribor
    Republika Slovenija
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.@lg-mb.si

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