KASHTANKA, Virovitica Theatre in cooperation with Zadar Puppet Theatre, Croatia (8+)

    Kashtanka or Girl, that is the question. One of Chekhov's most famous short stories has brought to the stage a seemingly completely ordinary dog, who appears to be behaving just like any other dog when she is with her owner: she is affectionate, playful, kind and obedient when she needs to be. Her owner is a member of the poor Russian working class during the transition from the 19th to the 20th century. A hard worker, he is a strict and unrelenting boss with a firm attitude, the complete opposite of Kashtanka's playful tail. But once they are separated, and when they meet again, the warmth of their reunion displays a whole range of affection and other complex emotions, which only a relationship between a man and a dog can offer. And where was Kashtanka at the moment of their separation? She was preparing for a circus act with Ivan the goose and Fyodor the cat, of course! The play was created in cooperation with the Zadar Puppet Theatre.

      • Director: Vjera Vidov
      • Assistant Director: Sara Lustig
      • Author of theDramatization: Petra Mrduljaš
      • Set, Costume and Puppet Designer: Natalija Burnos
      • Assistant Puppet Designer: Krešimir Tomac
      • Music: Igor Karlić
      • Lighting Designer: Frane Papić
      • Stage Manager: Tomislav Pintarić/Radojka Kazulović
      • Head Technician: Mladen Vlainić/Zlatko Vidaković
      • Sound Engineer: Mario Nađ/Mate Petričević
      • Light Engineer: Dario Pšihistal/Robert Košta
      • Property Master: Danijel Dumančić
      • Wardrobe: Vanda Grba/Nataša Perović
      • Perofrmers: Sara Lustig, Dominik Karakašić, Irena Bausović, Goran Vučko

        Kazalište Virovitica
        Trg Ljudevita Patačića 2
        33000 Virovitica
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